Tinting system "Color JAZZ PROF"

Tinting system

This system is intended for the manufacture of paints and varnishes on an alkyd, alkyd-urethane, alkyd-phenolic basis by tinting in the colors of the RAL catalog.

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The “Color JAZZ PROF” tinting system is an excellent solution for companies specializing in the wholesale of paints and varnishes working with industrial and construction enterprises, artisans.
The equipment and technologies used allow tinting materials on an alkyd, alkyd-urethane and alkyd-phenolic basis in the colors of the RALcatalog using one standard set of equipment.
“KVIL Paints” Factory provides full technical support and a complete set of regional centers with all necessary equipment, materials and technologies.

— equipment (mixer, high-precision scales, gyro mixer), specialized equipment;
— Prescription software,RAL color fans;
— 16 tinting pastes «Color JAZZ PROF»;
— Binding materials KVIL (Base C): TM Express, TM Mr.Hammer (Corroed, Pental Amor);



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