Green bathroom interior

Colors used:
NCS S 0804-B50 G
NCS S 1060-G40Y
RAL 7023
RAL 9010

The most pleasant color for our eyes is green. There are few people who will not like it. Basically this color evokes only positive emotions, associated with summer grass, bright foliage, forest and a charming emerald gem. In such an interior, good rest and peace are ensured. Green has been shown to relieve stress and smooth out conflicts. And it fits absolutely any room.
Along with all the advantages, many designers find it difficult to work with this color. The problem is the complexity of the compatibility and the choice of shade. The tonality of green is wide; it is represented in absolutely all color palettes.
But with confidence we can say that all the difficulties and inconveniences when choosing this color are overlapped by its magnificent appearance and positive impact on the person.
In addition, the presence of a large number of tones can be good. Indeed, various shades of green combine perfectly with each other and create chic combinations filled with comfort, joy, youthful fun and simply positive emotions. Very often, designers add shades to the main color, for example, pistachio, lime and lime colors.