Enamel PF-115 GOST(SS) KVIL Paints

Decorative PVM

For painting metal, wood, brick, gypsum, concrete and other surfaces operated in atmospheric conditions and indoors.

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Alkyd varnish, pigments, fillers, organic solvent, desiccant, functional additives.
The coating has a high gloss and hardness, resistant to water, household detergents and industrial oils. The two-layer coating of enamel applied to the prepared primed surface, in moderate and cold climates, retains its protective properties for 4 years, decorative - for 1 year.

Attention! Material consumption may vary depending on the type and degree preparedness the surface of the selected tool, the application conditions
Primers are usually applied in a single layer,
finish coatings are recommended to be applied in 2 layers

0 KG
Recommend purchasing
material with a margin of 10-20%


Basis Alkyd
Colors White, gray, green, chocolate, blue, black, pink-beige, light gray, orange, light green, blue, red, yellow, lilac, turquoise, ocher, red-brown, khaki, cocoa, cherry
Drying Stops sticking within 10-12 h., complete drying – 24h. at (20±2)ºС.
Consumption 100-180 g/m2.
Packing 0.5 kg, 0.9 kg, 1.9 kg, 2.8 kg, 6 kg, 20 kg, 50 kg
Shine no less than 50%
Trading group Universal enamels
Trademark KVIL Paints
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