Primer-enamel “KORROED-UNIVERSAL” Express

Decorative PVM

For the simultaneous conversion of rust, anti-corrosion primers and finishing coatings on clean and corroded metal surfaces with a thickness firmly tied to the metal of rust.

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Primer enamel is a suspension of anti-corrosion pigments and fillers in a solution of modified alkyd varnish with the addition of organic solvents and target additives.
3 in 1 — rust converter, anti-corrosion primer, protective and decorative enamel rust converter, anti-corrosion primer, protective and decorative enamel.
It dries quickly. It forms a strong, even semi-gloss coating with high weather and anti-corrosion resistance. The coating is resistant to water and industrial oils. The use of “Korroed-Universal” primer-enamel greatly simplifies surface preparation before painting and reduces the cost of the technology for creating an anti-corrosion coating, since it does not require preliminary removal of firmly bound rust and priming. The coating system, consisting of three layers of soil-enamel in a moderately cold climate (MCC1) retains its protective properties for 6 years.

Attention! Material consumption may vary depending on the type and degree preparedness the surface of the selected tool, the application conditions
Primers are usually applied in a single layer,
finish coatings are recommended to be applied in 2 layers

0 KG
Recommend purchasing
material with a margin of 10-20%


Basis Alkyd
Colors White, gray, green, yellow, chocolate, blue. black, red brown, red
Drying Complete drying of a single-layer coating: - at (20 ± 2) ºС - 6 hours; - at (80 ± 2) ºС - 20 min.
Consumption 70-120 g/m2.
Packing 0.9 kg, 1.9 kg, 21 kg, 53 kg
Shine Semi gloss
Trading group For metal
Trademark Express
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