Washable WD-BIO paint for walls Doktor Farbe

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The product has been tested at the Institute of Human Ecology and Environmental Health named. Sysina of the Academy of Sciences of the Russian Federation and state registration of the Federal Service for Supervision of Consumer Rights Protection and Human Well-Being.

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Acrylic dispersion, pigments, fillers, water, colloidal concentrate of nanosized silver particles, functional additives.
Biologically active paint, modified with nanoscale silver particles, is recommended for interior painting of rooms of medical institutions, kindergartens, schools, offices, catering establishments, sports and fitness centers, exhibition centers and other places of mass visits to people. Paint can be applied on plastered, drywall, brick, cement, concrete, wood and previously painted surfaces, as well as on wallpaper for painting.
Environmentally friendly material has a high antimicrobial activity against pathogens of various infectious and viral diseases - influenza, hepatitis A, tuberculosis, and other common infections; effectively kills bacteria of E. coli, salmonella, staphylococcus; eliminates the frequent repetition of processing rooms using harmful chlorine-containing disinfectants. The coating retains antimicrobial properties for a long time (more than 1 year).
The paint is characterized by whiteness, excellent covering ability and improved painting properties. Forms a matte vapor permeable "breathable" coating. Wet cleaning using household detergents and disinfectants is allowed. Paint can be tinted with universal color pastes «Color Jazz».

Attention! Material consumption may vary depending on the type and degree preparedness the surface of the selected tool, the application conditions
Primers are usually applied in a single layer,
finish coatings are recommended to be applied in 2 layers

0 KG
Recommend purchasing
material with a margin of 10-20%


Basis Water dispersion
Colors White. Tinted.
Drying 1 an hour at a temperature of 18-22 ºС and relative humidity of air no more 80%.
Consumption 150-200 g/m2.
Packing 1.3 kg, 3 kg, 7 kg, 14 kg, 25 kg
Shine Matt
Trading group Interior paints
Trademark Doktor Farbe
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