Enamel AU "Express"

General industrial coatings
- for painting ferrous metals operated in atmospheric conditions and indoors.
- allowed for wooden surfaces.
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One-component quick-drying enamel based on alkyd-urethane varnish with the addition of atmospheric and chemically resistant pigments, inert fillers, organic solvents and functional additives.
Enamel is technological when applied, dries quickly, has a high covering ability, and is economical. The coating has a stable gloss, good resistance to mechanical stresses, periodic exposure to fresh and seawater, urban and industrial atmospheres, the effects of industrial oils, as well as weak acidic, alkaline solutions and household detergents.
Enamel is perfect for painting new and renovation previously painted surfaces. Enamel film is stable at an ambient temperature + 60 to - 60 ° C.

Attention! Material consumption may vary depending on the type and degree preparedness the surface of the selected tool, the application conditions
Primers are usually applied in a single layer,
finish coatings are recommended to be applied in 2 layers

0 KG
Recommend purchasing
material with a margin of 10-20%


Basis Alkyd
Colors Various according to buyer’s request
Drying With the thickness of the dry single-layer coat. 15-20 microns and drying temperature 20 ° C stops sticking within 3-3.5 hours.
Consumption The thickness of the dry single-layer coat. 15-20 microns: 29-44 g/m2
Packing 19kg.; 46kg.
Shine Glossy. Semi-gloss. Semi-matte. Matt.
Trading group Universal enamels
Trademark Express


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