About company

About company

About company

The history of “KVIL Paints” Factory dates back to 1993. Today it is a high-tech industrial holding specializing in the production of modern paints and varnishes. The assortment of the “KVIL Paints” Factory today includes over 100 types of paints and varnishes for construction, household and industrial purposes. 

The main activities of the enterprise:

  • production of decorative paints for the consumer market;
  • production of paints and varnishes for the industrial complex;
  • systems for tinting paints and varnishes for industrial and decorative areas;

“KVIL Paints” Factory produces materials: for painting facades, interiors, roofs, concrete floors, for marking roads, for protecting wooden surfaces - tinted and transparent impregnations and varnishes, fire-retardant compounds, for protecting metal from corrosion - primers, enamel primers, enamels, varnishes. Thanks to the extensive distribution network, the produced brands are widely represented in the wholesale and retail chains of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Georgia, the Baltic countries and Central Asia.

Industrial materials produced by the enterprise are used for painting combines, tractors, main components and parts of trucks, military equipment, urban transport, road and municipal vehicles. Equipment, machines and structures protected from corrosion by industrial coatings can be operated anywhere in the world.

“KVIL Paints” Factory LLC holds a patent for the invention of paints and varnishes with biocidal properties and produces biologically active paints modified with nanosized silver particles. These materials have high antimicrobial activity against pathogens of various infectious and viral diseases, and are recommended for interior painting of premises of medical institutions, kindergartens, schools, offices, catering establishments, sports and fitness centers and other crowded public areas. Innovative materials of the “KVIL Paints” Factory were applied in the construction of Olympic facilities in Sochi.

The knowledge and experience gained by the specialists of the “KVIL Paints” Factory are aimed at creating and producing modern paints and varnishes that are able to satisfy the constantly growing demands of our consumers, both amateurs and professionals.